When I set up Paperface and Papershades one of the main things I wanted to do was to run workshops.  They've proved to be very successful.  A Papershades workshop is relaxed and fun.  Everyone sits around my studio table and can choose from a vast array of paper - tissue, wallpaper, wrapping paper and so on.  A design is created on one sheet of A4 card which I then print onto five sheets of Papershades paper. The design is then cut out and the Papershade is assembled. Everyone goes home with a fabulous, and totally unique paper lampshade.   www.papershades.co.uk  There's a film on the website which will show you how it works.


My Paperface workshops are similar but you can create a portrait or any form of art using paper collage.  It's great for groups of all ages -from children of infant and primary school age right up to... well, there are no limits!   When there's a shortage of time I provide everyone with a template which is a useful starting point - less scary than the challenge of the blank piece of paper. I appear at major shows such as Craft4Crafters, The Creative Craft Shows run by, Living Crafts at Hatfield and other events.


It's easy to book a workshop by emailing me at: [email protected] or call 07796 144 866

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