Portrait Tours

Would you like to know more about the history of portraiture and look at some of the most unsual and intriguing portraits on show in London?  I'm fascinated by portraits and for years I've sought out interesting faces to gaze at and researched their background.


Now I run tours in London which are very much a personal odyssey around some of the most interesting galleries and museums to look at portraits, discuss their origins, their history, style and the back story to the subject and the artist (if anything is known about them).


For example, just look at the portraits on this page - can you believe that they were painted over 2000 years ago!  


These tours are very relaxed and fun and cost £60 per person. They last around three hours and do involve quite a bit of walking around London but there's always time to pause for a cuppa and discuss all that we've seen. Places we visit include the British Museum, Sir John Soane Museum and National Portrait Gallery. I also love going to places like Dr Johnson's House, the Foundling Museum and Dickens Museum to soak up the atmosphere and seek out unusual examples of art with a good narrative background.


Please do get directly in touch to organise a tour.


Contact: [email protected]   or phone 07796 144 866


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