Portrait of doctor on Covid-19 front line

At the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic there was a shout out to artists from Tom Croft to encourage fellow artists to offer their skills for free and create a portrait of an NHS hero as a thank you for their fantastic work.  I put the announcement onto my social media and the husband of a doctor at the Huddersfield Royal Infirmary responded.  His wife, Dr Anneka Biswas is a respiratory specialist and had been having a tough time treating patients with coronavirus and thought that this would be a great surprise.


I was delighted to take up the challenge. Because I work in paper I created the portrait from a mix of magazines, tissue, wrapping paper and cellophane.  


I decided to make the background from newspaper cuttings so that the portrait was as much an historical document as a portrait of an NHS hero.    Anneka was delighted. She said she'd been meaning to keep a scrapbook of the progression of the pandemic but had been too busy. Now she has a piece of art for her home in Halifax and an impression of the news coverage to show her baby daughter when it's all over.

Anneka Biswas, Paperface portrait palerJPG image6 image2

I was very delighted when the story about the portrait appeared in the Yorkshire Post and Hailifax Courier.