This is Pooja, on the right, and her mother Tina. Pooja commissioned this portrait for her mother's birthday. She gave me lots of information about thei things they love to do and I used a photograph of them bothDouble click on the gallery above to start to editing it. You will then see the gallery edit bar appear below the images. Once the gallery is selected you can select individual images and move or delete them using the gallery toolbar. You can also add new images from the file manager, or upload your own images.


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Pooja and her mother, April 2011

Spring 2011

This is a picture of Tina and Pooja. Pooja (on the right) commissioned the picture for her mother's birthday and wanted to celebrate the things they love and enjoy doing together. A photograph from a 'day at the races' was used as the main reference and I wove various 'favourite things' into the background.