There are two ways to make a portrait. You can sit for me - the results look like the two portraits on the left. They take about an hour to do and can take place in my studio or I can come to you.  They are done on paper and I use only paper collage to create it.  Check out this short film about the making of the Two Brothers - on the right.


Otherwise the portrait is created in my studio from a photograph. All you have to do is email me a selection of photos and I will select one which works best. r[email protected]


The picture will then be made for you on canvas or on paper entirely from paper using my unique collage style.


The portraits with a detailed background can take about three weeks to complete. It's more of a collaborative process. While I'm working on it I can send you photos of the progress and we can work together to get the background absolutely right.


The 'live portraits' will be done on the day, on paper or canvas, and you can go home with it once the varnish has dried.



12” x 14” the quick portraits on paper and framed:  £400


16" x 12" portrait with 'favourite things' surrounding the figure (like the one of the girl the hat): £800  


24” x 20” single portrait on canvas' - £600


Larger format double portrait, family or group portrait either on paper or canvas: £900 +


Post and packaging is extra - the finished work will be sent to you by reliable courier.

Payment is by cheque or direct bank transfer.