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PAPERSHADES is my newest venture.  Having successfully shown my collection of tissue paper pictures of wild flowers, poppies and roses I wanted to explore a new way of using this artwork. So, after a year of experiment, I came up with PAPERSHADES, a way to turn my artwork into lampshades for the home.  Here are a few examples of how art on a wall can become 'art on a stick'! There's a new website, www.papershades.co.uk, which has all the details.

Poppies by Rosalind Freeborn Poppies on a bank, Rosalind Freeborn woman seated, with mug, paper collage man standing, back view, with broom, paper collage 065 thumb_DSC_0796_1024 thumb_DSC_0796_1024 Winchester, lifestyle Canterbury, lifestyle (1) www.papershades.co.uk